Haven’t been extremely active here in the last year, but I still need to make my 2022 retro and 2023 prep.

Let’s a-go!

Again, this post is rather personal one. But also, this page is a very personal one. Basically, YMMV.

This post contains a lot of media, go check it all out!

2022 Goals


I am actually pretty happy about how this year played out, music-wise. Released one of my most favourite songs ever, wrote a lot of small snippets, all in all, musically, that was a good year.

(no joke, for the one above, I’ve sampled my shoes for the extra authenticity)

Session & Producing Work

To extend the above point, I’ve been producing a way more in 2022. Consulted a few bands, wrote a lot of songs altogether, some of them due to be released soon, some I don’t know when.

Youtube Channel

This one I haven’t touched that much as I’ve been doing only small videos here and there.

The plan still is to have a full-blown yt channel but there were a lot of more important things than this.


Haven’t had time.

Another Hackathon

Again, haven’t had time to even research any.

A Conference

And here, I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to - and more. Been to London, Hamburg and Florence this year talking about Go!

New Ventures

Still in progress.

Writing More

As you’ve probably noticed - haven’t had time!

2023 Goals

And now, the goals for the 2023.

More Conferences

My appetite grew tremendously last year and I’ve found the long lost joy I was missing. If you ever performed in front of people, there’s that unmistakeable thrill that joins you when you start. I’ve played one, literally one gig with my best friends in 2022, had a ton of fun, but I couldn’t compare it to the fun I had presenting on conferences last year.

Therefore, the plans are wide and the plans are big. Let’s see where I’ll end up.

More Music

Ogród (so my songwriting/producing outlet) is long overdue for a revival, on new terms, and that’s due this year.

There are a few other projects I’m working on (both producing and writing for), some bigger, some smaller, equally stoked about all.

More Cooking

In 2022 I haven’t had enough time for baking and cooking - both of these have become a great fun during the lockdown time and I’d love to get back to it.

More Youtube (and videography)

2022 was actually rather good from the videography POV. Learned a lot, would love to do more, there are a few things on the horizon, let’s see!

More Quiet Moments

I need to be way more mindful in the 2023 about how I feel about my days. Sometimes I need to step back from the non-stop run and think how can I just slow down.

More Teaching

And the last, but not least, the thing I’ve thought I’ll never miss again. Thanks to conferences, I ended up missing teaching A TON. There’s something I can’t really describe that gives me a thrill when I need to explain something - not only because it’s fun, but also because I can validate what I don’t know.

Where I will teach and what, that’s another story, but maybe it’s time to teach more Go and music theory? Go Music Theory? (is this name taken on Github?)

What about this blog?

I can’t say “yeah, there will be a weekly post” (as much as I’d love to). I’ll aim to write more than 1 post like last year, but there’s A LOT of stuff going on in the background - that’s why I wasn’t here so much.

That said, there have been a lot of topics I want to write about that either I’ve encountered or should be a good starting point for a bigger discussion, so that’s happening.

But also, really, thank you for all who reached out in 2022, to all whom I’ve met during the conferences and to all I’ve shared a meal with.

Onwards and upwards into the unknown!