Here we go again - another year in the books. Some things happened that I haven’t planned for, more great than bad, which I’m very happy about!

At this point in time, you prolly know that this blog is being kept as my personal journal, and I’m very happy about it!

2023 Goals

More Conferences

I’ve visited London again, thanks to GopherCon UK; I’ve visited Hamburg again, thanks to ContainerDays and I’ve been to Barcelona for the first time, thanks to DevBcn! All of them were super fun to do, had a ton of really good conversations but also, they’ve helped me to adjust what and how I want to do in the future.

For 2024 season, I’m definitely taking a step back from conferences and travelling to various places for work.

More Music

Ogród is back, been writing a ton of new stuff to be released in the nearest future!

Also, there’s one project that will be, probably, premiered in 2024, where I can finally sit back a bit and be more a musician and a producer, rather than a main songwriter

More Cooking

Oh man, have I not cooked. I did a lot of stuff, planning to do even more in ‘24!

More Youtube (and videography)

I didn’t do as much as I’ve planned to, but for a good reason - read below.

More Quiet Moments

2023 was way slower and quieter on many fronts and I’m really happy about it. If you’d ask a 20-year-old me if I will want to slow down, the answer would be a resounding no.

I’ve been very specific with what I invest my time in, both relationships and work things and this tactic has been playing out beautifully.

More Teaching

This is the only thing that has turned out to be a bit different - I’ve been teaching a lot and there’s a lot of good things that have happened through it.

Also, I think I can say, that this is the first year where all of my goals have been met 100%. Is this due to my planning or actually planning less?

2024 Goals

Oh man, this will be a tough one.

I don’t have any specific goals for 2024. Or, another way, there are some goals which are tied to another things that are truly outside of my power and needs another things to happen first.

That said, this post doesn’t have any sense if I’ll do no goals run, so here are some:

Less Social Media activity

I’ve found out, the older I get, the less importance social media have in my life. I don’t need to share all the things I do, I don’t need to wave each success left and right. There’s a chance I’ll nuke some of my accounts, but I’m not exactly sure about it yet.

More side-projects with friends, mates, people I care about

There are a few things I want to develop in 2024; one of them being one (or two) side projects with some good friends of mine. Let’s see where this will lead me!

Profiles, IRs, Patches - Guitar Stuff

I have been setting up another venture of mine where you’ll be able to either buy profiles of my gear or be able to reamp your music through my stuff. I’m still in the early days of this one, but everything is actually moving the right way!

Fluent (commucational) in +1 language

I have a personal reason to be fluent/conversational in French and I’m about to immerse myself in that language. I’ve tried (and semi-failed) at least four times already; this time, the reason why is way stronger and way better than any time before, so no doubts, I’ll be able to order food in French by the end of 2024 haha!

Thank You Notes

Throughout 2023, I had a pleasure of working with extremely talented people, on many things, for all I’m eternally grateful!

Let’s see what 2024 will bring but, again, for the first time, I don’t have many things I’m hoping for or running towards something. I think after years of grinding, self-growth and whatnot, I can slow down a bit and regroup, plan and go even further in life.

Here’s to all of you reading this post, I hope 2024 will be good for you!