Well, we all have to start somewhere.

If you read any, literally any blog post or Medium article about “How to be a super coder and earn TONS OF MONEY FAST”, everyone will say

Write something that will showcase your skills.

And, probably, the main thing is that they’ll show you how to build your first blog page or anything like this.

Fast forward a few months

You end up in a place I’ve been in (and almost anyone I know was) - what to do next? You start googling for “projects to build” and end up writing something which is boring as hell but teaches you how to use GraphQL or “the next big thing”.

But what if

You would write stuff just for giggles?

It doesn’t have to be the nicest, cleaniest and neatiest code you’ll ever write.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to address a particular, extremely-complicated problem.

But you’ll have fun. A lot.

Next time you’ll learn something new - just have fun with it!

Case in point - I’ve been doing Go for a few months now and as a stupid I-don't-want-to-leave-my-command-line-ever reason, I wrote a wiki that allows me for fetching knowledge from Wikipedia. It was surprisingly tricky to build, due to data structure of WikiAPI.

Another one - this post is written using my small package that preps the file for me, opens up vim and allows me to stream from my head super easily and fast. And then it commits this post. And I still haven’t left my command line!

You can extend this approach to anything that you do. Literally - if you like pizza, learn how to make one. A few of those will be surprisingly bad, but one of these will rock your world. And then you have another party skill!

Do stuff for fun. We only live once, it’d be nice to at least have fun!

Fun count: 6