Hunting for Sunrise

In 2013, when I was merely a 19 year old lad, I had a band. The band was called Sunrise Hunters and it has released literally one EP before we disbanded:

We had really big hopes and ambitions for our small venture; heck, we’ve even got to do two small tours, created some buzz and then it all went down the drain - but at least the songs stayed with us!

Bear in mind, touring in Poland is having two weekends of gigs and calling it a tour. Yeah.

But, throughout my life, the mantra stuck. Up until a few years ago, when I’ve got so ambitious, that switching jobs every year and getting raises basically every half a year was a MUST.

The question is - is that the right approach?

Hopes High

I do believe in setting goals so astronomically high, that other people will look at you and say you can't do it, it's impossible!. My thinking process is that if you set the bar so high you can’t really reach it, eventually you’ll find a way to do so. For me, setting achievable goals doesn’t work, as it doesn’t push you outside of the comfort zone - and getting comfortable means getting stale.

The goals I’ve set for my 40th birthday (which is in 10 years, so that’s a LOOONG time) are, well, in the grand scheme of things, outside of the Solar System. The thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that approach works for me way better than small goals and getting them signed off every now and then. It’s basically an approach of giving a fuck about things you want to give a fuck about and then not giving a single one about the stuff you don’t want to care about.

This approach has one, extremely bad, problem.

Heads Low

If you get too cocky, then you’ll get burned. And the issue is, that getting burned slow you down. In the current modern world, where we’re pushed to be hustlers, have side gigs, work, work, work, it’s almost impossible to slow down. And the real power of this approach comes from understanding when to push the brakes.

Recently, I did a small thing for my company, Form3, where you get to know me a little bit better in 60 seconds or less. The exercise was a bit of an interesting journey for me, when preparing the answers to the questions, I had a chance to recap all the things I’ve done in the last 10 years or so. Then it hit me - I haven’t stopped a bit for a while now!

Pumping The Brakes

Although this post will be extremely counter-intuitive, with me doing conferences this year and events and whatnot, I feel like you, the fellow reader, would also benefit from doing such thing - which is stopping a bit, replanning and then going for the kill.

I had a few really good chats with some friends of mine, whose opinion I care about, and the general consensus was exactly the same - just chill for a bit. And this is what I’m going to do - chill for a bit.

Whatever happens, happens.

Everything, eventually, works itself out.

Stepping On The Gas

That doesn’t mean we have to hit a hard stop. Again, it’s all about choosing what do you want to give a fuck about.

So, please, give a fuck.

Keep your head low, keep your hopes high, and let’s go!