Go came onto the tech scene by the end of 2009 and slowly established it’s position as one of the major players in the DevOps world. Today, let’s delve into why investing your time into learning Go will pay off tenfold.

Most of the DevOps tools are written in Go

The very first, never released to the public, version of Docker was written in Python – but, the initial release was made using one of the initial (!) versions of Go. Kubernetes – all done in Go. Hashicorp’s Terraform and Vault – all done in Go. Prometheus, Helm, Loki, Grafana – you know it – Go!

Go is insanely powerful and works super well on the full variety of platforms – in Docker’s case, it was Linux, with which Go binds perfectly. By default, it helps you to divide your code into small packages, that are extremely easy to re-implement into new software.

If you don’t want to use Kubernetes or something similar to load-balance your app, you can write your own load balancer using channels and it will be stable enough to use in a production environment. The whole load balancer can be done in less than 40 lines of code, without using ANY third-party packages!

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