Apart from writing code as my daily job, I do produce, record, compose and release a lot of music and different stuff. Here you can find a few things I’ve been working on so far!


A fair bit of guitar videos - more things to come somewhere in the future when I’ll have a proper place to shoot these videos!

Everybody Needs An Enemy

Most favourite project to date - produced with a good buddy Hunor here in London, hopefully we’ll finish the songs one day!

Also, featuring first (and so far only!) music video written in Go:

And the acoustic version of it (both songs featuring our previous singer, amazing Sarah Cairns!)




Iggy Not Pop x Tap3s -> Check more here

Tap3s is a musical partnership between me and my good mate Bartek. We do a lot of alternative sounds. Literally a lot!



That was/is my songwriter/producer outlet. Both songs are composed, arranged, recorded (apart from vocals) and mixed by me.

Everything below the line here is VERY old stuff but I’m very proud of it!

Ego Trip / Prawo Głosu

Ego Trip’s Full Album

(Honestly I didn’t even know it existed)

For the curious ones - Ego Trip was a band I played with in Polish edition of Must Be The Music. We even got to the finals! I’ll leave this breadcrumb for you to follow…

(and some live stuff)

Sunrise Hunters

Literally the first EP I have ever recorded in a pro studio. All songs written and arranged by me.