I bet, that you have thought that this post will be about Avengers or anything Marvel related. The truth is, that our current world is our Infinity War - we’re not in the Endgame yet and (hopefully) we won’t have just 1 option out of over 14 million that will be the correct one.

The world has changed a lot in 2020 - but we all know that. The reason why I’m writing this post, is that a lot of my friends are struggling in el nuevo mundo del cuarentena, whereas I seem to thrive and make the best of it. Let me take you on a small trip into how the world has changed to me.

Food… Oh my god, foooooood!

I cook twice per day, every day, for the last 3 months (apart from literally one meal when I’ve ordered Pizza Hut due to migraine I had); I send all the pics to my friends (YKWYA!), to my parents; I tweak, test new things and write small CLIs to help me with cooking. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this post from almost a month ago - since then, my small flour supply grew from 3kgs to astonishing 40kgs!

And yes, I make bread every other day; I bake small buns, I test recipes and learn something new every day. Also, I can’t see myself eating refried food from a box in the nearest future - honestly, I feel like I’m 12 again and eating breakfast before school, it’s a marvellous feeling!

For the ones who are extra interested - I ate only around 10 homemade pizzas since the lockdown, but lost some weight! Magic?

Code, knowledge, bugs

My biggest fear in the lockdown was that I will end up in the same place I’ve been a few years ago - working 10hrs+ every day, starring into the void of my terminal and end up like Neo following the white rabbit. I’ve made a pact with myself, that Sundays are the sacred days - no code, no new stull, just ye olde Netflix, Food, Guitar & Chill. And every other day, I try to spend around an hour learning something new - this way, I’ve ended up improving Grafana a bit in the newest, 7.0.0 release - look for #22898 (nothing big, but I’m proud as heck); learned a lot about gRPC; installed Ubuntu on my PC to play around (and so far I really really like it!), started going through Black Hat Go and, the biggest thing, started working on some audio manipulation in Go (hope to do it even more!). And that’s not all!

Not Code

Started working on some fun guitar stuff, ended up producing my friend’s small acoustic EP. I have recorded some really REALLY good tracks and worked with some incredibly amazing and smart people. Started learning Spanish again (third time’s the charm!), started building guitar pedals (so far built 4!), taught my fiance some Frontend tricks and rebuilt my whole studio (cables, outboard gear, patches, etc).

If it sounds like bragging to you, I’m not surprised. But that’s not the point here.

Mental Health

Not having to use the tube every day, not spending 2hrs+ on commute every day, not eating reheated food every day changes everything.

I’m getting a lot of sun every day (by sitting at the rooftop!), I’m eating fresh food every day, I’m spending a lot of time with my loved ones (either calling or just chatting with), I’m waking up without an alarm clock every day and going to sleep without prepping my backpack to go the next day, I’m getting some workouts done if I feel like it.

I’m working in my pyjamas, in my sweatpants - heck, in my bathrobe sometimes!

The thing that I feel people don’t see is that this is, sadly, the only time in our lifetimes when we are be able to take care of ourselves to such extend, literally being able to live every minute of our days the way we want. I know, that you’re scared of the C word - as am I. What I’ve done to not to feel so down - I don’t read the news more than once a week; I get my news from my trusted friends (again, YKWYA!) and I read a lot of memes. That helps a lot, really.


My endgame is rather simple - I would love to make the post-quarantine life a new chapter in my career and in my life. In the ideal world, I wouldn’t change anything, really. I love the asynchronicity of the communication, I love that we can work independently (for example, my band’s (SHHH!) new EP is being recorded entirely remotely, with each member getting their work done from their homes all over Europe (really)) and be better at it every day. And I love bread, pizzas and fresh food every single day!

I know, that a lot of people don’t feel the same way as I do - they miss their friends, the office, the commute, everything from “the old world”. Trust me, I do miss quite a few things from the old world too. But, I hope, that the new world will be way more compassionate, way more caring and way more rewarding in our day-to-day lives. I hope that the new world will make us happier that we’ve been. Because this is what matters at the end. Being happy.

This post is very personal, as it gives you a lot of insights into my daily life and how I cope with the current situation. If you don’t feel like getting a hang of it all and having a rather tough time getting through - hit me up, I will be always happy to hear you out! As one of the movies of my adolescence sang: “We’re all in this together; once we know, that we are, we’re all stars and we see that!”

I didn’t said it was a good movie. But, at least the song was catchy!