I’ve never thought I’ll be able to foreshadow the new avenue of revenue in 2022 in any better way than this.

Recently I’ve been asked by amazing Ely Tovee to write an intro for her new venture into the podcastsphere called The Unfairer Sex - dealing with the topic I hold very dearly in my heart - inequalities and, basically, why inclusivity is still just a word.

The song I’ve did, with a very nice working title of Magick Happens, I think, works perfectly with the theme of the podcast!

Please go, have a listen and subscribe!

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Why this is a foreshadow?

In 2022 I’ve promised myself (and basically you as well) that I’ll go harder into writing stuff for other people. This is number 1 of many more things to come. Go here (which is still a placeholder!) to find out more!